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Our Clients

Our clients include homeowners, investors, and property managers who are looking for a company to help manage and maintain their rental properties.   

Our Work

We work with our clients to understand their objective, come up with a plan to meet their needs, handle work orders, coordinate work with tenants, perform timely repairs, keep repair costs at a minimum, handle unit turnovers, prepare reports, perform periodic inspections, build a good rapport with our clients, and help them take the best care of the property and grow their business portfolio. 

Our Promise

Our clients know that we are REAL CONTRACTORS (not a handyman), so once we perform a repair, it is done right so they will never have to worry about doing the same repair again in the future or end up paying twice for the same job. We have heard the horror stories from our clients who have had the experience of hiring a handyman who charged less for his services, but did a poor job, leaving our client to hire someone else to get the job done the right way. As a result, our clients place great trust in us to maintain the value of their property, help them save money, request higher rents and quality tenants when the property looks good, and avoid costly repairs if they decide to sell since the property will already be in great shape. Therefore, our clients know the value of having us on their team to protect and preserve their property.

Our Rates

We charge a minimum rate for small jobs and the price increases for larger jobs as well as jobs that are far away. Our price for most jobs are listed under our services, however, some jobs require more details for which we will provide you with a personalized quote. And for jobs that do not meet our minimum rate, we use the following guide: 

$100.00 + Materials for small jobs 

$200.00 + Materials for small jobs requiring heavy lifting or more than 1 person 

$100.00 + Regular job cost for emergency calls during business hours 


We provide free estimates to our clients either by phone or physically going out to the property for all jobs in which we will perform the repairs. For our clients who are just looking for an estimate (not ready to do the repairs), please click here for more details.


We require a 50% deposit for all maintenance jobs and the final 50% payment must be made upon completion of the job. For our rehab jobs, we require a 30% deposit, a second payment of 30% at the start of the job, and the remaining 40% at the time of job completion. If the final payment is not made promptly within 5 days, then a minimum late fee of $50.00 will apply for every day that the payment remains outstanding. 

Convenient Services

We have made it easy for you to Request a Quote, Submit a Work Order, Make A Payment, Calculate Job Cost, and Shop Online.  Therefore, once you become our client, we will walk you through our system so that you can become familiar and navigate easily for your day to day use. 

Management Services

Our management services are available for our clients who may need additional help with the maintenance of their rental property. These services are available as needed and include the following tasks: 

Maintenance Requests: We charge a fee of $20.00 per month for each unit to receive Work Orders submitted directly by the tenant via our website. We will then submit a copy of the work order to our client, provide an estimated cost for the repairs, obtain client approval, and then coordinate the repairs with the tenant.

Move-in Inspection:  We charge a fee of $40.00 to walk the property with the tenant, note any damage, document any repairs requested by the tenant, and provide an estimated cost for the repairs.

Move-out Inspection: We charge a fee of $60.00 to walk the property with the tenant, listen to any/all complaints, note any damage, provide an estimated cost for the repairs, and make recommendations for the return of any security deposit paid by the tenant.

Quarterly Inspection: We charge a fee of $120.00 to walk the property every 3 months to ensure the tenant is taking care of the property, note any damage caused by the tenant, identify any other needed repairs, and submit an estimated cost for the repairs.   

Random Inspection: We charge a fee of $50.00 for each inspection to walk the property at any time requested by the client to ensure the tenant is taking care of the property, note any damage caused by the tenant, identify any other needed repairs, and submit an estimated cost for the repairs. 


You must sign a contract with our company prior to using our services. The contract will entail the details of the services to be provided, payment terms, and other details.  Therefore, if you are ready to sign up with our company and start using our services, please contact us so that we can provide you with a copy of our contract via DocuSign for your signature.


Please click on each link below to view our services and prices:

If you have any questions, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you. 


Please click here to submit a work order.




Phone: 410 501-8779

Business Manager:  Simone Allen

Please call our office or send an email with any questions. 

Opening Hours: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Mondays through Fridays

Thank You For Choosing White Diamond Services!!!

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