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When we work with other contractors, we undertake the job as a sub-contractor and work under the direction of the contractor to complete the job. We ensure that the work is done within the estimated time-frame, maintain an open line of communication with the contractor, and perform our job well so that the contractor's work looks good and their client is pleased.


Our rates are for labor charges only.

Please choose the option that works best for your job needs.


We charge a consultation fee of $200.00 to perform a physical inspection, obtain photographs and measurements, and provide a written estimate. This fee must be paid prior to our job inspection, however, it will be applied to the job at the time of service. Therefore, please click here to make a payment and then proceed to the bottom of this page to schedule your inspection. If you do not require a consultation, please choose an option below and proceed. 

Option 1

We charge a rate of $400.00 per day (for each worker) for general labor services which includes sending our guys to your job-site and they will work under your directions to get the job completed. You will estimate the number of days that you will need our workers.

Option 2

We charge a rate of $800.00 per day (for each worker) or $1,200.00 per day (for 2 workers) which includes us undertaking the job as a sub-contractor, working as our own team, and getting the job done as contracted. We will estimate the number of days it will take to complete the job.

Option 3

We charge a rate based on the square footage and linear footage of the area that needs work as well as the items for installation. This includes undertaking the job as a sub-contractor, working as our own team, and getting the job done as contracted.  

If you choose Option 3, please click the links below to obtain a quote for your desired job:


Additional charges may apply for installation, disposal of debris off property, moving furniture, cleaning, traveling over 30 minutes, tool/equipment rental, materials, high ceilings over 8 feet, multi-level buildings, permits, higher square footage, multiple tones and coats of paint, hiring additional help, and other unforeseen circumstances. Also, our minimum charge for any job is $600.00. Therefore, please review our terms and conditionsfor the additional charges.


Please call us to request your personalized quote and to schedule your job or proceed below and submit your request online.

You will be asked to choose your desired job from our list of services and then provide us with the square footage and other details about the job to be performed. We would then be able to calculate the estimated time, number of workers needed, and the cost to complete the job. Once you have received your quote, you may also proceed to schedule your job.


Please clickhereto request a quote.


Please click hereto schedule your job.




Phone: 410 501-8779

Business Manager:  Simone Allen

Please call our office or send an email with any questions. 

Opening Hours: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Mondays through Fridays

Thank You For Choosing White Diamond Services!!!

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